• GPS & GLONASS - Precise location
  • Brushless+Oneshot - Long service life and powerfu
  • 1080P Full HD , ±30° manual adjustment
  • Highly Integrated A powerful tool for mini size
  • Independent IMU modular Precise control, ultimate stable
  • 11.4wH High Performance Smart Battery Industrial Core and Management Module Stable and reliable, 16min flight

INITIATE uses compact and reliable high-efficiency silent foldable blades. When the blades are folded, it has the same overall size as a mobile phone and can be easily grasped with one hand; it is extremely lightweight, like the shadow following the person. There is no need to manually unfurl the blades during take-off. When the motor starts up, it will automatically perform the blade throwing program to unfurl and balance the folded blades.

INITIATE adopts an integrated airframe that fits the aerodynamic structural design, and matches with high-strength materials and exquisite surface treatment, significantly reducing wind resistance and effectively improving flight stability. Meanwhile, the use of brushless motor makes it have the surging power. Even though it has a mini size of only 227g, it can still hover steadily in force-4 wind environment, and the top speed can reach 15m/s (in the ATTI-S speed mode). With powerful flight control system, it can achieve accurate control, making you easily enjoy the speed of flying.

The positioning system realizes functions such as one-key course reversal, out-of-control automatic course reversal, fixed-point flight, fixed-point height determination, air hover and automatic following for INITIATE flight control, and can achieve course deviation correction, attitude adjustment and height determination for INITIATE, making the flight more stable.

The real-time location is automatically recorded when it takes off, and up to 18 or more satellites provide remote monitoring. It can lose contact when it needs course reversal.

  • If the signal is lost, it can return to the return point recently recorded by the satellite
  • Over-distance course reversal refers to the automatic course reversal when the distance is exceeded
  • Low-power course reversal refers to the course reversal when the power is insufficient
  • One-key course reversal doesn’t need control, and can achieve homing through one key

INITATE relies on excellent flight control algorithm, efficient power combination and smooth and stable attitude control to make flight so easy

The new generation of low-latency 1080P WIFI image transmission offers outstanding color reducibility and large field of view

The anti-shake 1080P full HD camera lens can reduce the shaking amplitude and shaking frequency, present high-quality picture, and make you have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery.

The one-key following, once triggered, will enable it to automatically follow the controller slowly. It provides automatic shooting following, becoming your accompanying photographer.

It allows you to release your hands and enjoy flying and photographing, which is suitable for selfies! The intelligent shooting function enables everyone to become the master of capturing light and shadow.

 The one-key hotspot encircling, once triggered, will enable you to use ROLL to control the encircling direction and speed.

The one-key flying, once triggered, will enable it to automatically fly far back and above

The 360° panoramic encircling, once triggered, will enable it to spin slowly around the controller.

With right hand gesture shooting, it can make some scenes intelligently identified

With 2.4G/5G dual-frequency real-time image transmission, it can realize lossless transmission within a range of 300 meters (the transmission distance will be longer in the air environment)

The two modes of mobile phone APP and remote control can realize the operation of shooting, recording and flight control 

GPS positioning mode-safe flight, precise hover and instant positioning

ATTI attitude mode- autonomous control and free flight when there is no satellite signal

SPORT sport mode-open permission, restriction unlocking and competitive flight

Colorful and independent design, small size and convenient to carry, with only 227g

Frosted spraying process makes the visual effect cooler and the hand feel better

It can fly freely in a legal flight area without registration

Ultra-high integration and integrated design of flight control, electronic speed controller and remote control system

Foldable blades for easy storage

Combined with VR equipment (purchased separately), it enables you to enjoy the enjoyable flight from the first perspective of FRV, which supports multiple devices to connect together, and allows you to watch wonderful and exciting flight pictures with your playmates and to share the scenery along the way.

The battery has a capacity of 1500mah, a rated voltage of 7.7V and the industrial high-energy battery cell, which has advanced charging and discharging management functions.

  •  With the built-in battery indicator, it can display the current electric quantity.
  • During charging, it can automatically balance the internal cell voltage to protect the battery.
  • It has over-charging protection, which can achieve automatic charging stopping when the battery is full.
  •  It has over-current protection to prevent excessive charging current.

The cool two-color LED light source can create excellent safe night navigation


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