1.Mobile body sense control machine
Tilt the mobile phone through the hand action, accurately and synchronously control the UAV's sense of body operation

2. one button takeoff and landing, one button intelligent takeoff and landing, more convenient and quick

3.Safety tips for mobile phone operation. Due to the strength of WFI signal, we suggest you control the flight in an open place within 10 meters

5.No more restrictions on the direction of headless mode
Enter headless function mode, no matter how the aircraft rotates, it will run in the initial direction

6. Night navigation indicator light can also distinguish the direction in the dark night

7. Fashionable and durable matte spray paint, which is stable in color, is not easy to fall off, so that the product has a higher grade

Basic parameters:
Product Name: mobile phone controlled aerial UAV
Product functions:
somatosensory control
trajectory flight
one button landing
360 rollover
six axis gyroscope
headless mode
Product model: TXD-3S
Flight time: test 10 minutes
Flight istance: safety distance 100-150m
Avalable colors: red, blue, black, white
Battery parameters: 3.7500mah lithium battery
Charging time: ≤ 130 minutes
Remote control battery: 4 No.5 batteries (to be purchased separately)
Remote control frequency: 24GHz
Product size: 27x7 × 1cm
Flight environment: indoor and outdoor

Package information:
Package size:35x26x10cm
Package weight:390g
Gift box package

Package Includes:
1 x Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Adapters
4 x Propeller
4 x Propeller Guard
1 x Phone Clip
1 x Screwdriver

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