• 100% brand new and high quality.

  • The MINI POCKET DRONE is set up with CF mode(headless) and one key return, which shows this drone is well developed and considered.

  • Unique printing and attractive color design,Small size allows you to fly indoor with limited space.The MINI POCKET DRONE special designed

  • controller is also a storage box for the drone and spare parts.The special controller can achieve: carry the drone/carry spare parts/recharge the

  • drone, also it can be put in your pocket.

  • Therefore, you can enjoy flying this mini drone anywhere & anytime.

  • Controller is designed with MODE1/MODE2 one key swith, which allows everyone to play this drone, no matter you are mode1er/mode2er.

  • Rotor protector is included, as well as landing gears, which are double protection for the rotors and motors, also avoid anyone to get injury.

  • Controller includes a charging cable allows you to charge the drone by batteries in the controller. Also USB cable is available.

  • Lipo battery built-in charge and discharge protection, while powerful motors performs perfect fliping.


  • MINI POCKET DRONE with CF mode (headless): a function through which the aircraft will consider the direction opposite to that of the remote control

  • as the correct one by default when it flies to a height where the operator is not able to judge the direction of the aircraft head with bare eyes, so that

  • he/she can go on with the remaining positions.

  • One key return: auto return of the aircraft after GPS positioning on the basis of signals emitted

  • by remote control while it is hovering in good condition, saving the operation from redundant manipulations

  • Unique printing, attractive design, mini size which allows for indoors or limited space flight

  • MINI POCKET DRONE customized controller: functions as a storage box for the drone as well as spare parts.

  • The pocket-sized dedicated controller: able to carry the drone/carry spare parts/recharge the drone

  • MODE1/MODE2 one key to switch: allows everyone to play it, no matter you are mode1er or mode2er

  • Rotor protector, landing gears included: for protection of rotors and motors, preventing any operator from accidental injuries

  • Controller equipped with a charging cable: allowing for charge by batteries in the controller

  • USB cable accessorized

  • Built-in Lipo battery: features over-charge/discharge protection, while the powerful motors performs inpeccable fliping


  • Model FQ777-124

  • Color:Red,White,Blue,Black

  • Recharging Time 20mins

  • Battery For Quadcopter 3.7V 100 mAh/25C(included)

  • Battery For Transmiter 4 x AA Battery (not included)

  • Camera:N/A

  • AV Transmitter:N/A

  • Notice For the first time, please fully charge it

  • Installing the landing gear after adjusting the frequency to ensure the gyroscope calibrate accurately

  • Dimensions & Weight (Main Product)

  • Dimension Quadcopter Size: 7x7x2.7cm

  • Controller Size: 14x8.5x4.1cm


  • MODE1&MODE2 switch

  • CF mode (headless mode)

  • one key return

  • 360°rolling action


  • For the first time use please full of electricity.Suggestions in the installation of the landing gear after adjust the frequency so that can ensure the

  • gyroscope can accurate calibration.

Use suggest:

  • 1. turn on the drone, drone flashing

  • 2. turn on the transmitter("di" ), light flashing too

  • 3. wait about 2 seconds, the drone and transmitter stop flashing ("di")

  • 4. turn the throttle lever up and down, then sync ok (up will have "di" down also have "di" )

Package Included:(With Retail Package)

  • 1 x FQ777 mini pocket drone(included a 3.7V 100 mah/25C Li-po battery)
  • 1 x Remote Control Transmitter
  • 8 x Propeller(2sets)
  • 1 x Rotor protector
  • 3 x Landing gear (motor protector)
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Quadcopter Battery USB Charger

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